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Congratulations! You did it! You are about to join 4,000 other travelers who have achieved an incredible and exclusive travel goal! We also have members who are working on their travel goal such as the goal to visit all fifty states. You may also purchase a membership as a gift.

Joining is easy!

STEP 1Fill out an application. 

STEP 2: Choose how to celebrate your achievement with an official certificate, t-shirt, or other gifts. Lifetime membership starts as little as $7.



STEP 1: Fill out an application. Choose the membership club below that you wish to join. If you qualify, you will automatically be enrolled in multiple clubs based upon your travels.  You may also fill out a membership application as a gift. 

allfiftylargelogo.pngAll Fifty Club Application - visited all 50 states or at least 35 states

490493.pngTraveler's Country Club Application - visited at least 15 countries

ContinentClubLogo.jpgContinent Club Application - visited at least 6 continents


STEP 2: Celebrate your travel accomplishment! Select a membership option so you will officially be part of the Club! Our most popular membership option is lifetime membership, personalized certificate, and a Club T-shirt, but we have many options to choose from. Basic lifetime membership is $15 which includes a personalized certificate.  

All Fifty Club Membership Options

Traveler's Country Club Membership Options

Continent Club Membership Options


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